Mare Owner
Date:    ________________________
Name:  ____________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City:     ______________________________State ____________________Zip ___________
Home Phone:    ____________________________Business Phone: ____________________
E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________
Mare Information
Name of Mare______________________________________________________________
Registration Number:  TWHBEA________________ Other__________________________
Is Mare Registered with any other Breed Registry?  Registry_____________#___________
Name of Person(s) to whom the mare is registered: _________________________________

Name of Stallion to be Bred To: SON OF A GUN’S MOONWALKER
(GUARANTEED A COLOR FOAL, from non grey mares)
STUD FEE: $500.00
BOOKING FEE: $250.00  (non refundable) Due with signed contract
Remaining amount of: $250.00 Due upon or before drop-off of the mare
BOOKING FEE: For this contract to be valid, Mare Owner must deliver a non-refundable booking fee of $250.00 (Breeding Fee) On or before_______________________, 20 ____ (the Booking Date). If Mare Owner fails to deliver the Booking Fee on or before the Booking Date, this contract will be null and void. The Booking Fee serves to reserve a breeding for Mare to Stallion and is therefore non-refundable.
Mare Owners Initials: ________________

MARE’S HEALTH/ TRAINING & BEHAVIOR:  All mares must be in good health, in breeding condition, current on vaccinations, deworming and hoof care. All mares must have negative culture before breeding.    Have your vet do it. Paperwork for test results is required. Any special care issues must be discussed in advance and may be extra charge for additional requirements. Barren aged mares are recommended to be given reproductive exam by an experience reproductive horse vet and have palpation, sonogram, culture and biopsy before breeding. There are no guarantees on aged barren mares that have not undergone this test for breeding soundness.

Equine Distemper- Strangles  
Equine Encephalitis-Viral birds  
West Nile  
All mares must be halter broke and tie, must not kick, bite, strike or otherwise exhibit aggressive behavior toward humans or animals. Mare cannot have shoes on the hind feet for breeding or they will be pulled at the owners expense or may delay breeding because of the wait on a shoer. We do live cover only and hand breeding supervised to protect both mare and stallion.                                             
Mare Owner represents to the best of his/her knowledge the Mare does not exhibit any vices such as cribbing, stall walking, weaving, digging, windsucking, or stall kicking.
Mare Owners Initials: _________________

MARE/HORSE BOARDING: $10.00 a day mare care. Stallion owner agrees to provide Mare with clean, good quality hay twice daily and a constant supply of fresh clean water, in addition to housing being cleaned twice daily. Mare owner in addition to boarding, stud fee and booking charge will pay vet charges for reproduction exam if needed.
Mare Owners Initials: _______________

PAYMENT OF FEES/FORMS OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Stud Fee, and any other expenses (shoeing, vet, etc.) to be paid in full when mare is picked up from Kelly Edmondson. Visa and MasterCard accepted but there will be an extra 3.5% charge. Checks are accepted, but if returned NSF, you will be charged bank charges and it will be replaced with CASH ONLY! (Make checks or cashiers check payable to Kelly Edmondson.) Foal registration papers will not be furnished until the mare owner’s account is in good standing. (if applicable)
(  ) Cash    (  ) Personal Check  (  ) Cashier’s Check   (  ) Visa/Mastercard    (  ) Money Order (  ) Paypal
Mare Owners Initials: _______________
Cardholder name: ______________________________________________________Card Number: _________________________________________________________                                   (Visa or MasterCard only) Expiration Date: __________________________Payment amount: _________________________                                                                                                   (provide payment amount only if you wish to charge booking and/or stud fee to your account) Credit card billing address:   ___________________________________________________________Signature: ____________________________________________________________________
VETERINARY/FARRIER CARE: In Stallion’s Owner sole and absolute discretion, Stallion Owner may have farrier or veterinarian provide treatment for Mare. Mare Owner agrees to pay all costs associated with such treatment upon receipt of a bill from Stallion Owner and the applicable service provider.
Veterinary: Dr. Williams  Norco Equine 985 Sixth St. Norco, Ca 92860  or   Dr William E. Swyers 34350 De Portola Rd. Temecula, Ca 92592                                                                                                                                                                                     
Farrier: Mark Ferlisi: 33670 Gloria Rd, Menifee, Ca 92584

LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE: Should the mare fail to produce a foal which stands and nurses in the first 24 hours, the mare owner shall be entitled to rebreed the mare or a substitute mare for a period of one year from the date of this agreement or the date of the loss of the foal.  There will be no additional breeding fee for a rebreed, but all other veterinary fees, board fees shall apply.  Failure to notify Kelly Edmondson in a timely manner shall result in the loss of the live foal guarantee and return privileges.  This clause is also binding in the case of an abortion.  The mare owner fully understands, authorizes, and assumes the special risk inherent in breeding with live cover of the mare.  Mare Owner also understands the risk of failure due to many variables and shall hold the stallion owner Kelly Edmondson harmless for any losses suffered due to an unsuccessful attempt at conception. Kelly Edmondson or any other person associated with Kelly shall not be liable for the death, sickness and/or accident, including consequential damages caused to the mare. Mare owner agrees to hold Kelly Edmondson any other person associated with Kelly harmless for any and all damages associated herewith. Should the stallion to which you are breeding become unfit for service or be sold prior to your mare’s conception, but after payment of the breeding fee, the breeding fee may be returned.  Mare owner, stallion owner, Kelly Edmondson and all associates therewith shall be released from this agreement, thereby making it null and void. 
Mare Owners Initials: ________________
CARE OF MARE: Mare Owner will ensure that the mare is properly cared for and will receive all necessary deworming, vaccinations (including Pneumobort K vaccination at 3,5,7 and 9 months of gestation), and veterinary care during pregnancy. Failure to comply will void the Live Foal Guarantee.
Mare Owners Initials: __________________

MARE OWNER NOTIFICATION OBLIGATION: Mare owner must notify stallion owner within a reasonable time about the foal’s birth and promptly provide Stallion Owner with such documentation as Stallion Owner may request.
Mare Owners Initials: ________________
Mare Owner agrees to send photos of the foal born and updates on the foal’s progress for the first 6 months of foal’s life, also gives permission for the stallion owner to use foal’s photos on the website.
Mare Owners Initials: ________________
The terms of this agreement have been read and agreed upon by:
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            Mare Owner                                                                                                  Date
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            (Stallion Owner) Kelly Edmondson                                                          Date
Mailing Address:
Kelly Edmondson                                P.O. Box 1232                                                    Wildomar, Ca 92595